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  • As per BIS, Trading in Forex Markets average at $5.09 trillion/day in April 2016 which is 27.25% more than from April 2010
  • In Forex Markets, Choice Broking offers Currency Trading Services, Leveraged Currency Trading, Currency Arbitrage Desk & Currency Hedging Solutions catering to investors, traders, arbitrageurs & hedgers in the Currency Markets
  • Choice Broking allows you to leverage the fluctuating foreign exchange rates by trading in Currency Futures & Currency Options using our Forex Trading Strategies

Open Currency Trading Account to begin Forex Trading in MSEI, BSE-CD & NSE-CD

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Currency Trading amid the Forex Markets majorly happens via the Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSEI) or the NSE-CD & BSE-CD. Choice Broking, being a registered Forex Broker or Currency Broker with all the Forex Exchanges/Currency Exchange in India provides you with a Forex Trading Account using which Trading Forex is made easy & quick in sync with your objectives & preferences. The Online Currency Trading with us is supported by our Currency Research Reports leading to your well-guided, researched & analysed FX Trading. We strongly focus on making Currency Trading easy and fast for you so as for you to benefit from the Forex Markets.

8 Reasons to begin Forex Trading with Choice Broking in Forex Markets

  • Trade on MSEI, NSE-CD & BSE-CD - With Choice Broking, you can trade in currency amid the currency markets via the 3 major exchanges in India i.e. MSEI, BSE-CD & NSE-CD. We are registered with all these exchanges.
  • Currencies & Derivatives Market - At Choice Broking, we facilitate our clients to trade in currencies with ease. With the inter-currency trading, we also aid our clients in currency futures & currency options.
  • Trade across Currency Exchange - Choice Broking helps you for currency exchange in all Forex Markets in accordance with the exchange rate. It’s carried out via MSEI, BSE-CD & NSE-CD. Choice Broking offers foreign exchange of all currencies in the International Currency Markets.
  • Research Report Calls - The Research Unit of Choice Broking scrutinizes the Currency markets on a daily for you to be updated with currency exchange rates, timely & proactively. These reports are even available on Whatsapp to our subscribers.
  • Call & Trade - We provide each investor with a dedicated local number for Currency Trading. These telephone lines directly connect with our dealers in the city you’re calling from for a hassle-free Forex Trading process.
  • Market Order & Limit Order - At Choice Broking, we allow our clients to perform Currency Trading in the Forex Markets through either placing orders during market hours or by placing orders during holidays & non-market hours.
  • Insight on Forex Markets - For you to gain maximum profits from the Forex Markets, we suggest the best Forex Trading Strategies for Inter-Currency Trading, Currency Futures & Currency Options. We segregate it in investment opportunities, hedging tactics, trading strategies and global markets exposure.
  • Profile based Offerings - At Choice Broking, we offer personalized offerings depending on your profile in the Forex Markets. Our solutions are customized for investors, traders, hedgers & arbitrageurs in the Currency Markets.

Why Currency Trading with Choice?

Research Desk

Solid Research Desk

Our Currency Trading Strategies are backed by our meticulous & committed research teams performing systematic research of the Currency Exchanges & Forex Markets. They make sure that your Forex Trading in various Currencies is supported by appropriate study and no risk hovers over you benefiting from the Foreign Exchange.

Sharp Research Team

Sharp Analysis Team

With some of the sharpest analytical brains analysing the Currency Markets & International Economic Scenario for you to trade in Forex; our currency trading recommendations, arbitrage strategies & hedging solutions are purely based on excellent analysis backed by our team’s methodical research.

Expert Advisory Service

Seek Expert Advisory

In the Currency Markets, it is critical to seek advisory from experts in the International Economics, Forex Markets & Ardent Currency Traders. We have a dedicated team of such experts for each currency exchange making your Forex Trade a proficient process. Their expertise in the Forex Markets makes your trade easy and provides it a sense of security.

Online Currency Trading Platform

Smart Technological Tools

Our research & analysis teams are provided with the latest set of software & tools to analyse the profit-making currency trading prospects as per your goal, both, long-term & short-term. Their proficiency in using modern techniques to develop the best Currency Trading Strategies is something which will make your task easy & quick.

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