Insurance is now like a basic necessity. It’s one of the most important financial instruments since it drives your financial protection.

  • Choice Broking, an Insurance Broker with multiple insurance policies from various insurance companies, works towards easy & quick insurances.
  • Choice Broking focuses on 3 aspects in the Insurance segment, majorly: Learning about the Insurance Policy, Insurance Comparison & Claim Settlement.
  • Choice Broking offers Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Term Plan and Travel Insurance along with other Insurance Policies.

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As an Insurance Broker, we at Choice Broking take pride in our top-notch Insurance Servicing abilities blended with an easy process. Simply put, we make the process through which you will be purchasing Insurance Policies simple and fast. We focus on making you understand your Insurance policy since we don’t believe in any miscommunications; we understand your exact requirement and Compare Insurance Policies to pick out the best suitable one for you and we place special emphasis on an Easy Claim Settlement Process for your Insurance Policy. We are basically the bridge for a simplified & fastened process between the Insurance Companies and our clients who have taken the Insurance Policies from them.

Why should you be getting Insurance Services from Choice Broking?

Customer Support Team

Customer Support Team

Nothing is more important than your Insurance Provider answering your call when you need them the most. This is what our Customer Support team lives for. They will always be there for you, no matter what.

Relationship Manager for Insurance Policy

Understand your Policy

There will be a friendly relationship manager assisting you throughout your insurance policy purchase whose only job is to make sure that you understand each & every detail of the insurance policies you are booking.

Compare Insurance Policy

Compare & Save

From a huge no. of insurance companies, we compare the best insurance policies as per your need and carefully pick out the best one suiting each need you have. We compare the policies and save your cost.

Insurance Claim Settlement

Cancellation & Settlement

Our team provides full and proactive support for either cancellation of policy or settlement of the claim as and when required. This makes your Insurance lifecycle simple and hassle-free.

In Insurance Services, we provide

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Term Plan

Car Insurance

Two-Wheeler Insurance

Travel Insurance

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