Mutual Fund Investments let People purchase a Flat in Peddar Road, Mumbai. Literally!

  • Mutual Fund Investments are subject to Market Risks only when you don’t INVEST SMART
  • Our Mutual Funds client grow by 52% on an average in a Financial Year
  • The Investments can begin as low as just Rs.500/month

Invest in Mutual Funds with INVESTICA

It’s Simple, Smart & Secure.
Investica Mutual Funds Investment Platform
Mutual Fund Returns


1.1 Crores

Invest 12 Lakhs and Earn 1.1 Crores*

Through a SIP of only Rs. 5000/month over 20 years

Systematic Investment Plan Investments i.e. SIP Investment allows you to invest a strategically calculated amount every month using the SIP Calculator in Investica. You can plan this according to your life goals, financial objective, risk appetite and time horizon.

*assuming a CAGR of 18% on an average

What makes Investica the best Investment Platform?

Stock Market Research

Paperless Signup using AADHAAR

With Investica, you can open your Mutual Funds Account in less than 15 minutes. We conduct your E-KYC through your AADHAAR card and get your mutual funds investment started, quickly.

Secured Mutual Fund Platform

Data Security & Transactions Safety

With Investica, your personal details as well as your mutual funds investment details are always kept safe. We focus keenly on data security & transactions safety. For that, we have an A+ SSL Certificate & a 256-Bit Encryption.

Mutual Fund Portfolio Management

Intelligent Portfolio Management

With Investica, you can not only track your investment portfolio but also your family’s investment portfolio of mutual funds investment. Also, Investica provides you with intelligent portfolio analysis for your portfolio.

Mutual Fund SIP Calculator

SIP Calculator with Basket Buying

With Investica, you can calculate your mutual funds investment with a scheme-wise dedicated SIP Calculator for calculating your SIP Investment. Also, Investica recommends goal based bundles of mutual funds schemes to invest.

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